Our Way of Working

  • The approach:

    • Conducting consumer and commercial insurance business

Customer centricity

Technological innovation

Market responsiveness

  • Our daily operation:

    • implements cutting-edge technological solutions 
    • aligns with 21st-century trends to swiftly meet the ever-changing needs of the market
  • Key principles of our Way of Working: 

    • Design once, implement locally: We create strategies and solutions that can be adapted to local markets while maintaining a consistent overall approach 
    • International collaborations: All our branches actively participate in our International Working Communities to enhance our ability to serve customers at the highest level 
  • Our organizational structure embodies our commitment to being:

    • business-savvy via International Working Communities
      • Their mission is to empower business owners to prioritize and design strategies that are later implemented locally
      • These communities, representing all our branches, play a vital role in shaping our business strategy
      • They are structured as multi-country teams that can be function-based or project-based, consisting of experts in various areas, topics, or products
    •  technology-savvy via the Technology Team
      • They bridge the gap between technology and business needs, ensuring that our company remains at the forefront of innovation
      • The Technology Team takes responsibility for IT and the development of new solutions